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The Importance of Training Your Dealership Team

Car dealerships. They’re exciting places for sure, and there’s always a lot going on whenever you happen to walk past one in the street.

When you work in one, however, it’s a whole different story. You’re not just seeing the dealership from an outsider perspective, it’s your job, your passion. The ultimate aim of any provider of vehicles is to do just that, and you need a well-trained team to help you in your mission. A lot of businesses don’t train their workers as well as they should, so we’re going to do a quick recap of why you need to keep your dealership salespeople up to date.

The Changing Industry

There’s no doubt that the vehicle world is one which exists in a permanent state of flux. As the industry is very much one which is led by its customers, you’re going to see new trends and attitudes come and go.

Keeping on top of these changing ideas and beliefs is vital for any dealership that wants to remain relevant. If your staff are seen as being archaic and behind with the times, they’re not going to make any sales. It becomes your responsibility to make sure that they’re trained to be adaptable and to embrace new thoughts and ideas as they become relevant.

The Ultimate Customer Experience

You remember when we said that the world of dealerships is a customer-led one? Well, that’s going to crop up a lot when you’re thinking about training your staff. Everything you do with them has to be to help them deliver the best possible customer experience to people.

Your staff need to be aware of the latest sale techniques and statistics. They need raw data at their fingertips to work into conversations to help customers get a clear idea of what they’re looking for. They’ll need the knowledge to answer any question, from something as basic as what car has the most comforts, to whether you can take out two car title loans at the same time. As their leader and their employer, training isn’t to be dismissed out of hand.

Personal Growth and Development

Of course, there’s a human element to your employees that need to be taken into consideration. Many people strive for development in their lives - be it personal or professional. If a worker doesn’t feel like they’re being given opportunities to advance with one business, what’s to stop them leaving to find another that will push them forward?

Part of keeping your workers happy involves training them and helping them to gain new skills. If they feel like they’re being encouraged to grow and develop, to try and learn something new and exciting… not only will they start on the path to development, but they’ll also be more loyal to you as a result.

All things considered, you can see why it’s important to take the time to train up your workers and make them feel like they’re a valued part of the organisation. In a car dealership, where there’s potentially only a handful of people, even one dissatisfied individual can present a problem. Training helps to make sure that you’re giving the best experience you can to the customer, to your employees, and it really sets you apart from a lot of businesses.

Bart Wilson

Customer Experience is the ultimate dealership differentiator.  You are only going to get there if you train.  Your employees learn whether you train or not.  If you are proactive in your training efforts you have a better chance that they are learning the right things.

Mark Rask

Bart is right....customer experience is where its at

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