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Jared Hamilton
From: Jared Hamilton
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Ian Coburn
10 Questions Your Used Car Sales Reps Should Ask

Ian Coburn  Thank you! Good stuff and it is puzzling that asking questions, in general, is not taught more in sales, regardless of industry. Also like how you point out the need to have a real conversation--in short, listen and respond. Don't just check off your answers but listen to the customer's response, paying attention to their delivery. This will tell you what follow-up questions, if any need to be asked, and help better identify the situation. Example: "Oh, I absolutely cannot have a red car." (In response to 3-5 must-haves.)  "Okay, and why not red, in particular?" "My insurance will just go through the roof and be too expensive." (Hmm. Need some more follow-up questions, as could be an alert about ability pay, etc.) Again, really good stuff, Moe. Thanks for sharing.

Angela Wijesinghe
Can't get it to work

Angela Wijesinghe  I'm sorry you've had a bad experience! Did you know we have a brand-new web-based app? There's no download / installation required. You open a browser, log in and you're ready to go! Reach out to us at and we can get you in touch with your account manager to make sure you don't have any hiccups. (There are lots of cool new features too that make this easier than ever to use)

Kaylee Pendergrass
Why do you think automotive marketing should include videos?

Kaylee Pendergrass

R. J. James
Isn't the "We Need Your Trade-In" a bit cliche?

R. J. James  Recently worked with a dealership group that is ACTIVELY pursuing a daily in-store... "We'll Buy Your Car" Initiative focused on Service Customers. Here's an example: In one dealership, they averaged 80-100 Service Customers daily; they approached 20-25 of those Customer with their "We'll Buy Your Car" proposal.  On average, each day 3-5 of those Customers agree to an Appraisal and discuss a replacement vehicle.  As a result, at this dealership averages 10-15 Sales per Month to their Service Customers.   

Chris K Leslie
Black Friday?

Chris K Leslie  Chevy made a bold move this year with 0% for 72mo on almost everything which is giving us some strong offers to market. 

Chris K Leslie
Oli Gardner on the Importance of Clarity

Chris K Leslie  His keynote was so good at DSES. I think we can all learn a lot from looking outside the automotive world. 

Bart Wilson
can a bdc help the finance dept

Bart Wilson  Anyone reaching out to customers that are about over warranty and trying to sell them a service contract?  Seems like a good activity for a BDC to try.

Bart Wilson
Isn't the "We Need Your Trade-In" a bit cliche?

Bart Wilson  Here's another way to look at this.  Is "we need your trade" overplayed enough that everyone is doing it?  Do customers all know we need their trade? How can you do something different than everyone else that gets clean used vehicles and generates more sales?

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