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Jared Hamilton
From: Jared Hamilton
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Carl  Nyman
It’s Official: Texting Boosts Service Satisfaction Scores!

Carl Nyman  As pointed out, the customer wants it, it saves time for the advisor, yet some major vendors do not offer this with their service application.  This was the reason given for no text capability when I took my car in for service.  30 dealership group in a major metro area....hmmm.

Dane Saville
Effective Digital Marketing for Chevy

Dane Saville  I wish I could be more help, but without seeing the strategies and data, I'm sort of hamstrung. There are a number of variables that could be happening. Perhaps it's not the channels but a need to review your onsite conversion rate optimization.

Drew Bettiol
Effective Digital Marketing for Chevy

Drew Bettiol  Dane, Average CTR Over last 3 months is 11% for our Chevy store. Facebook to me has been a waste of money. 3% CTR. I wouldnt say any channels are working if we have only gotten about 13 leads a month at most from spending $3,000 on each PPC Campaign

Nadine George
A No B.S. Guide To Word of Mouth Marketing

Nadine George  Great article Carol. You can't argue that word of mouth is a brilliant signal for business growth. Going back to your comment on user-generated content & influencer marketing there is a third that is growing rapidly. This is Google Organic ranking. If you or your brand name is getting quite a lot of search volume Google see's this as a signal to a great "word of mouth business" and tends to rank your website ahead of competition for your targetted keywords. I have done it with my driving school Ladybird Driving School. But lets not forget to have a great word of mouth business you need to providing a exceptional service or product. The rest just happens organically. 

henry richard
How Do I Find My Employer's EIN Or Tax ID In TurboTax?

henry richard  Your employer’s EIN number is important every time when submitting your state and federal tax returns. You can call the TurboTax customer service number to find your employer EIN or Tax ID in TurboTax or you can follow these below mention methods:•        Method 1: You can contact your employer directly or human resources department, who works in the payroll and ask for the EIN.•        Method 2: You can go through your last year's W-2 If you are working in the same organization.•        Method 3: Go to online and look at the 10-K form of the company.•        Method 4: You can find the EIN in any court documents related to your company.If you have any other issues related to your Tax ID or the EIN you can call the TurboTax customer support phone number and speak to one of the tax experts about the issue.

Joseph Davis
Need Vendor Suggestion for Demographics on New Car Models

Joseph Davis  All,I'm trying to find a data vendor that can provide me detailed demographic information on the buyers for the different models of our new car inventory (Mercedes-Benz, Buick GMC and Subaru).My ultimate goal is to be able to create highly customized ads specific to the demographic for each model in the areas of our city/region where we are not market effective.Can any of you suggest vendors for me to look at?

Shannon Hammons

Shannon Hammons  anybody have examples of ads they have made with canva?

Robert Morgan
Leaders in the Automotive Industry

Robert Morgan  Derrick, all good points. We increase the price and hope the customer does not find out? For an extra 1000 now we take the chance of losing hundreds of thousands that we gain by not taking the chance now. If it was a referral from a friend, would we still do it? Sounds like taking advantage of the weak. We all say we must change or die, yet we hold fast to the idea that "what the customer does not know will not hurt them." "Our best customers are the ones we hold the most gross on." Legal to raise the price, probably. Unethical, absolutely goes against everything we hear customers say they hate about our business. A bad review takes hundreds of good ones to overcome. My point is not a judgemental one. We are in the business to make lots of money. We all choose how we do it. I just would not refer a friend to a Manager I knew would do that to them if they had an opportunity.

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