CarGurus still worth it at over double the price?

John  Swanson

Our dealership just got the email notifying us that our price for using their platform will go up from $800 a month to $1700 a month. I have heard we are being upgraded later than a lot of other dealerships, curious to hear some other opinions. Are they still worth it to your dealership? We are a smaller dealership and sell about 70-80 a month on our best months. 

Ricky Patrick

God. No.

Mark @ Autobahn Academy

It could be worth it at $8000 if you're selling all 80 cars through CarGurus. $100 per sales looks pretty good to me?

Guys, you have to challenge the expense and bring it back to ROI, simple stuff.

If you don't have an automated system for that, match it manually (yeah I know). But how can you decide if it's expensive or not?


How much $$$ do you need to run an average dealership, 1M$ per month??? Are you crazy, way to expensive for me!


See where I'm going with this?

Derrick Woolfson

I agree with w/ @Mark. If dealers did a cost analysis on the lead they'd be ridding of multiple vendors. 

Web Dude

They started this with us back in 2016.  We dropped for a while and came back at the previous price.  They've been at the 'see how much they'll pay before dropping us' game for a while.


Amanda Gordon

If you're ricing your inventory right absolutely! That's where the customers are.

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