Hands Off!!!

Amanda Gordon

Every Cadillac is soon to have the "Hands Off" cruise feature. Thoughts???

Cadillac Hands Off Cruise


Drew Bettiol

Just read an article about this! I think it is an amazing idea, apparently it is only being unleashed into the CT6 which I hope they are going to. If Cadillac fully deployed it, it could get more publicity and start to harvest user data to improve the system further. 

Drew Bettiol

going to add it to other models*


Amanda Gordon

Drew I'm game for anything that allows me to not drive. If I could ride in the back seat and put a jeweled chauffeur hat on the Driver's seat it would be even better.  

Drew Bettiol

Amanda, you and me both. I want to take naps when I drive so if that was a thing I would be on it in a second but a jeweled chauffeur hat would be legit! you could charge for rides without having to do much!

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