Fade to Black...is the sedan on it's way to extinction?

Amanda Gordon

If you pick your head up from texting for a moment on your morning commute, you will notice monster SUV's and crossovers have taken over the roads. Data has shown that not only sales but also production has decreased on the standard sedan. With that being said in 10 years will there be any NEW sedans on the road? Thoughts?

Tori Zinger

I'm sure there will be a few, but I see most people eventually moving to SUVs and crossovers, especially now that you can get fuel-efficient crossovers! I think in ten years, the majority of vehicles on the roads will be trucks, SUVs, crossovers, and wagons.

Brendan Dolan

I hope not. My commuters have almost always been a sports sedan of some kind. I love something that can haul people, and haul butt on twisty roads. It'll be a sad day for me if that segment goes away.

Chris K Leslie

Long live the Buick Regal Wagon. 

Tori Zinger

Wait, what? Is this new, Chris? Or old? Have I totally missed the boat? I sold Buicks for a while and we didn't have these!

The Honda Accord is doing everything it can to save the sedan segment, and while I believe there will always be some who want that kind of driving experience there's no doubt the heavy metal rules the day...

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