Working Through a Funk

Chris K Leslie

What are some things you do when you are going through a funk? 

Drew Bettiol

Not going to lie Chris, I am going through a major one right now. Business has been slow and it has been stressful trying to figure out what else to do. Following this post for more information!

Derrick Woolfson

I am glad I am not the only one. In my previous job, it was a cycle. I would have two or three great months to then get into a weird 'funk,' which lasted a month or two. One of the things I finally came to terms with when I started to get into a "funk" was that I was only one person. One person cannot handle the website management, onboarding, CRM, Vendors, Marketing, and anything else they throw your way. Understanding that there will be both good and bad months. I also started to review reporting. That is the managers closing rates. I found that despite business being slower, their closing rate was still less than 38%!! And that is if they actually logged all of the customers into the CRM. That said, I shifted gears and started working on a new project, which is something I enjoyed. Despite being in a funk it got my gears spinning on how to overcome the obstacles. Its much easier said than done, but you have to find an outlet or something new to tackle. Otherwise, you will check-out. And while you might be able to check back in a few times; each time you check-out it is that much harder to check back in. 

Drew Bettiol

Wow! Derrick that was a fantastic read! Thank you Sir. I definitely needed that.

Chris K Leslie

Agreed! Thanks D! Great advice. 

Steve Roessler

I will call some mentors both inside / outside the car business.    Get a fresh approach and challenge myself to do it.    Makes it more of an adventure.    

@derrick   I like your approach too.  

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