Staying motivated

What advice would you give to someone starting out in the car business to stay motivated? 

Derrick Woolfson

The biggest advice is to not give up after the first couple of phone calls! Offering that even for someone like me - it could easily take 8-12 touches to book an appointment. And that the more you dial, text, & email the more results you will get. I think all too often they give up way to easy as it might take them more touches per customer to get the sale. 

Paul Rushing

Have them figure out what their why is.

Then show them how to make their why happen for them with the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly activity goals.

Become a mentor in their goal setting don't chastise, show them ways to improve and help them stay on track.

Steve Roessler

Promote the activity for every customer that they sold.    If they shot a video (which I know you do a great job on @scott), show how the activity the drove the result.    Positive results always create the trend for a positive behavior.    We just don't celebrate as much as we should for the work we do.   Maybe it's texting back and forth 50 times.    That's AWESOME as it shows higher engagement, creates results.    

This is all great advice. 

So, what about someone who has been doing well and get themselves in a slump and is demotivated... how would you pull that person back up? Same advice?

Steve Roessler

When I'm in a slump, I take it back to what motivates me personally.   Family, vacation, etc.  What is their goals?  What do they work hard for?    I would also look for motivational books, videos or songs.   Here is a song that I have been listening too from the Broadway Show... Dear Evan Hansen.   #YouAreNotAlone.     It's pretty powerful to me.

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