Service Lounge Amenities

Derrick Woolfson

What is one amenity you have added in the last year that has worked well for you? Looking to change/switch up one of our lounges. 


John Goll

to that point, I also think introducing a couple VR headsets pre-loaded with "brand content" like virtual test drives could also help increase the customer experience especially in the service department waiting areas.

Alex Rapp

This may be a standard for your service lounges, but a full charging station has been implemented and well received in our waiting area. For those who work remotely on a tablet, or just have a low phone battery and want to keep that episode of Netflix going, it's a nice touch. We have both common major android and apple chargers available. 

Derrick Woolfson

@Alex, that is a great idea! Had not thought of that. There is nothing worse than your phone dying while out.

Mark Rask

We are building a new store and these ideas will be a great help

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