Best Practices Aren’t Always Best

Derrick Woolfson

One of the biggest takeaways so far is the idea the best practices aren’t always what’s best for the dealership. It’s good to think outside the box to meet the needs of our customers - I can’t be the only one who from time to time will offer “best practice is” - it’s time to think outside of “best practices”!

Bart Wilson

Derrick, one thing that has been a theme of DSES so far is "zig when others zag".  Although we are limited by factors like the OEM or our demographic, thinking differently can be very useful when building your CX strategy.

Derrick Woolfson

To add to what you said, I think we get all consumed with the day-to-day that we contain ourselves within the limits of the OEM. But in many cases, all brands regardless of the 'product' have limits, right? So if anything, it is so important to take a minute and step out of the day to day routine to view the topic in hand from another perspective. That is why I always enjoy the fact that the keynote speakers come from all different backgrounds. Great stuff! 

Mark Rask

I am so bad about trying to folllow the best practice train

Don Willimont

Is there a working example of a "Best Practice" that isn't best in a dealership environment? Trying to find a new way through is always more interesting but it isn't always the best solution. There are some tried and true ideas and executables that 25 years later still work really well and no "Balloons on all the cars." is not what I was thinking of...I think that we should always challenge the status quo in our touch points and our processes. We build websites, deploy software  and process maps and forget to revisit them over time to see if they are relevant, working or customer friendly. There once was this great idea in the car industry called email marketing and it was a widely accepted best practice and then we beat it to death. Private Sales, Video Walkarounds, Black Friday Sales, Social Media Teams, BDC's all were Best Practices at some point...and all are evolving.

Bart Wilson

I think the key is to not implement a "best practice" just because someone in your 20 Group found it successful.  Jay Acunzo spoke about this at DSES, and he recommended we get really good at questioning to vet out these "best practices". 


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