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Chris K Leslie

Who’s responsible for maintaining and updating your website at your dealership? 

Drew Bettiol

Me the Digital coordinator/Marketing manager

Derrick Woolfson

It was me at my last Auto Group. However, it was way, way too much for just one person to manage. As that meant (which they often failed to understand) managing all the vendor relationships who the dealer worked with. As not all content was editable by me. I had to reach out to the vendor. The most frustrating part of updating the site were the new car specials. The managers were often terrible at putting together specials. And the ones they did often did not make any sense. Or there was never any rhyme or reason as to how they did it, ha. It was the worst. 

Drew Bettiol

Derrick, I 100% agree with you. Managers are awful at telling you what they want. Worst communicators I have ever met. Constantly changing price rules and creating banner ads for the site does get a little annoying. I do not mind reaching out to the vendors since they make things a little easier but still the constant updating is hard

Derrick Woolfson

@Drew, I found that the best way to combat the issue was to create a calendar - using Google Drive - that allowed me to build an internal work-flow. Where I made them turn in what specials were due. This way there could not be any blame as to what the pricing was or when that they "sent me the specials," and I "ignored it." As more often than not it was chicken scratch on a customer quote with the wrong stock #'s & Rebates. 

Drew Bettiol

@Derrick, That is such a great idea! This will allow us to cover our back when the owner ask's why aren't these prices updated on the site. My biggest pricing issues come from my GMC and Cadillac brands. Oh yes, I make them email me a list and hound them multiple times throughout the day until they give it to me

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