Three of the Easiest Ways to Drive Online Sales

Lindsey Patterson

For any eCommerce business, being able to effectively and reliably drive sales online is an absolute necessity. Making sales, though, can be somewhat difficult in an online marketplace that is crowded with competitors. To cut through and stand out from the crowd, your business needs to employ some specific strategies that will help it attract customers and drive sales. Here are three easy tips you should be using to boost your online sales.


Create and Distribute Video Content

More than ever before, internet users are turning from written content to video. Because video content can be consumed more quickly and is more visually appealing, it now makes up roughly a third of all online activity. This is why your business needs to start creating video content for marketing and distributing it on popular video sites.


Making a video is a relatively simple process, and can even be done with something as simple as a smartphone camera. The content of your video, though, takes a little more thought. Rather than just advertising your product, your videos should provide some kind of useful information to the viewer. For instance, if you sell musical instruments, videos with tips about playing them would be far more engaging and effective than simple advertisements. Once you've made your video, you have to distribute it properly. YouTube is usually the best place to start, but you should also upload it to Facebook, Twitter and other major social media sites that host video content.


Build an Email List

Being able to establish regular contact with potential customers is extremely valuable, since it gives you more than one chance to generate a sale. The best and easiest way to do this is to build an email list that can then be used for marketing. One useful email marketing strategy is to offer a free digital product, such as an ebook or information guide, in exchange for website visitors' email addresses. By collecting email addresses in this manner, you can ensure that the people you're in contact with have already received some valuable information from you and are more likely to trust your future recommendations. Customers who buy products from you should also be encouraged to sign up for your email list, as being able to market to them will give you the chance for repeat sales. If you don't have much experience with email marketing and would prefer to outsource it, you can find a good email marketing agency to take care of it for you.


Use Social Media Influencers

Though a social media presence is essential in modern marketing, not every business owner has the time and social media savvy to create an effective one. Fortunately, by using influencer marketing, you can have other people market your product to their audiences. Influencers are people with large, usually niche-specific social media audiences who are paid to promote products to their followers. The cost of an influencer's promotion will usually depend on how large his or her audience is, as well as the platform being used. A Facebook post, for instance, will cost less than an entire YouTube video because of the work and time involved in video creation. Though influencers can be somewhat expensive, they will allow you to quickly get your product noticed by a large group of people who are likely to be interested in buying it.


These are just a few of the easiest ways to drive more sales online. By using one or more of these strategies, you can make more sales and increase your business' revenue fairly quickly. Remember, though, to actively keep up with your marketing efforts. Whether you're creating videos, sending emails or paying for influencer campaigns, you'll need to keep putting new content out to reach new customers and keep past ones engaged with your brand.


Video is huge!

Derrick Woolfson

A video is also great for SEO/SEM. If only we could be consistent in getting them accomplished. 

Oliver Neely

I have been interested in online marketing for nearly 8 years and I would add to your point on email marketing that there is sometimes an assumption that email marketing is less relevant now, because of social media and other methods of communication.  What I can say is that despite the fact that email was perhaps once more dominant than it is now, it is still one of the most valuable means of driving online sales and repeat custom. 

It's very easy to get lost in a sea of social media posts on Twitter or Facebook, plus its just as easy to stop following someone on social media.  E-mail inboxes can get full, but they're no where near as busy as most people's social media feed!

Mark Rask

Video is king

Amanda Gordon

If you're not on the video train at any capacity you're behind the curve for sure. 

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