How to find the best SEO keywords for selling a car

Aaron Evans

How to find the best SEO keywords for selling a car...where do you start? I'm curious to learn from people in the car biz. 

Elizabeth Powers

I recommend using google keywords.  Also you can look at competitive sites and see what kind of content they are writing.  

When developing a keyword list for a dealership I look at the following:

1. Their services (new car sales, used car sales, manufacturer, service, parts, etc) and their sales goals

2. Their city

3. The cities their competition is in

So for example if a Chevrolet dealer wants to increase their new car sales in the denver area I would focus my keywords in that city and match them up with popular search terms like best price on chevy in denver.

Before you begin writing content I would recommend working with a 3rd party provider to see what keywords you already rank on.  This way you aren't wasting any time, money or effort.  Feel free to PM me.

Oliver Neely

Good advice from Elizabeth above, in terms of keyword research tools I like using and, both you can use for free.  

Mark Rask

Test, test test

Andrew James

I only recommend test, test. That extra test could get you in trouble :)

Ya great advice from Elizabeth and mark really needs to watch that 3rd test! ;)

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