Google to show your reviews (Google, DealerRater/, FB) on YouTube?

Derrick Woolfson

I was just at a conference, and it was told that Google is putting your reviews (Social ratings) on youtube? Is this true? If so, those of us who have placed more emphasis on DealerRater need to start pushing Google reviews. 

Elle Amadeus

This is only a problem if you do not have great reviews. 

YouTube is the second best search engine.

Will probably be the number one search engine once the human get sick of reading and just want to see pictures & videos of everything.


Derrick Woolfson

Whew. And it makes sense. It has also been offered that people process information easier through images. Not to mention, they tend to retain more of the information as well. 

Google still shows your DealerRater and reviews, so I don't think you necessarily have to take attention away from DR.

Mark Rask

I dont think any changes are needed 

Chris K Leslie

Thanks for sharing Derrick I am going to have to look into this.

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