Best lead providers for Mercedes?

Bill Soule

I'm working with several dealerships in California and would love to hear suggestions about the best lead generation providers for the Mercedes Benz demographic.  CarGurus and TrueCar have been working well for the dealerships.

We are considering Boost Acquisition and their model of turning peer-to-peer sellers into buyers.

Interested in hearing your thoughts.

Chris K

Sounds like the demographic is anybody that has money between 21 and 1000000 years old. 

Amanda Gordon

First what's your demo? I would assume an annual income of 100k plus, find out where they shop and then go to town. 

Derrick Woolfson

I would offer their dealer websites. Like Apple, Mercedes sells itself. MB also came out with their new Crossover GLA250 (back in 16) as a means of grabbing up the "entry level" luxury crossover market, which is targeted towards younger buyers with more disposable income. 

Mark Rask

have you tried trilogy?

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