Derrick Woolfson

A lot of us talk about work-flows breaking down what should happen on each day, but in all actuality each customer is different. In which case the customer will not always fit into the "auto-created" work-flow of 2 calls Daily, Text Message, Email, etc. 

That said, do you follow a work-flow in the CRM? Or like many others, do you have hundreds of tasks that are not completed? 

Amanda Gordon

I love me a good work-flow! We still keep some "old school" tactics that handle all of those open tasks like picking up the darn phone and setting the apt directly. There is only so much you can automate in my opinion. 

Derrick Woolfson

@Amanda, for sure. I think we have to be able to prioritize the scheduled tasks efficiently, too. But not having anything in place can also make it difficult. It would be great to be able to customize the workflow on the fly. 

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