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We recently had to cancel with DealerRater as they decided to triple our fees per store.  I was wondering what are the other ways to embed reviews on your website?  I was hoping to get Google and Facebook reviews embedded with auto updates on our sites. 

Chris K.

You made the right choice cancelling. Cut and copy all your existing reviews. Create a new page on your site called "customer-ratings-and-testimonials.html" - add the ONES YOU WANT in there. Link to Google, and Facebook. The rate hike by was too hefty, it's like when your property taxes triple over night - everyone in the neighborhood moves when that happens and NEVER comes back! Looks like the owners want to become billionaires at our expense, like Beepi, etc... #shameful #itneverends

Amanda Gordon

We too do a "testimonials" tab with customer's written reviews and even some video testimonials as well. It's one of the most active pages on our site. 

Amanda, video testimonials are SMART! 


thank you all for your comments.  I did find a company I am trying out now for a free trial.  It's called Embedded Social.  It's only $19 a month.  Definitely worth checking out.

Chris K Leslie

Love the video testimonials. I need to start making more of those. 

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