Vendor Cold Calls

Avery Baum

What do you do when a vendor cold calls you asking to set up a time for them to showcase their product? Do you shut it down right away, tell them you will get back to them and research it on your own, or set it up and let them walk you through it? Or do you do something else... 

Amanda Gordon

If it's a service I have been needing to replace or look onto I will set up a time. If not I politely tell them to kick rocks (we are happy with our current provider, thank you for the call).

Derrick Woolfson

@Avery, it depends. If they call and are offering a product that I do not need/want - much like Amanda said - then I will shut it down. I am also not a fan of their calling back several times when I have already said no. That drives me nuts more than anything, to be honest. The worst though is when they offer a product/service in which they say it is the bee's knees and their example of the local dealers "website"  using their product is crushed. 

Mark Rask

As long as they are being cognizant of my time

Mark @ Autobahn Academy

I have been a vendor AND a sales manager in the past so I've seen both sides of the table.

What I should have done when I was SM, is to challenge them instead of turning vendors away.

Think about it, all of you guys most likely have 2-3 challenges these days, that you're not quite sure how to handle with the tools you have.

Vendors are problem solvers, let them come back with a solution for you.

Vendor: Hi Mr./Mrs General Manager, I'd like to book a meeting with you (shorten of course)

GM: Tell me how your product can make me sell 8 additional new cars this month, and I'll take the meeting.


In more than 8 years as a vendor, nobody ever challenged me or threw me a problem they have. I did have a few options for them though.

Devin Howell-Shiplack

Agreed with @Mark. Solution based selling and how the product/service will benefit them will get you an appointment more often than not. Biggest thing is handling the objections pre-call so then you can get the demonstration and get to know the dealership, in comparison to delivering your standard pitch and being turned down. 

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