Trying to Create a Lead Source Report Any ideas?

Drew Bettiol

So I have been asked today by my GM to create a weekly report that lists our total number of leads, where they are coming from and conversion rates. Any tips on what else should be included in this report that they need to know? This way the owner can see where marketing funds need to be allocated (which would help me a lot as the digital coordinator)

Chris K Leslie

You should include... 

Appt Set
Appt Shown
Appt Sold

in addition to total sold. 


Derrick Woolfson

You should be able to pull that report from the vendor, itself? As well as pull from CRM.  I compare those reports to the CRM. As lead attribution will differ. What CRM do you use? 

Drew Bettiol

Thank you Chris! Derrick Elead's is so complex they make it extremely difficult to gather that information from one report.

Chris K Leslie
Mark @ Autobahn Academy

@Drew, always make sure duplicates are filtered out. You would be surprised many customers do more than 1 lead over time.

You should be looking at deals/opportunities, instead of leads.

One shopper can send leads for 2 new & 1 used. 3 leads, one customer. Happens more than you might think.

If you have a solid CRM, it should be able to merge contacts with corresponding contact information and give you the right 1st source number. If not, hit me up in PM, I might have a few pointers for you.

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