Six Simple Keys to Have Your Appointments ShowUp & ON TIME.

Mathew Thomas

1. SET APPOINTMENTS ON "OFF" TIMES - Set times such as 5:15, 4:45, 6:20, 3:35, etc. Your prospect will value your time more and feel compelled to show up on time. 

2. Have the prospect WRITE DOWN the appointment time/date himself/herself - Since the prospect wrote it down on their own, they feel like they have made a commitment that compels them to follow through.

3. Repeat the time/date at THREE TIMES min.- When you mention it tactfully multiple times during the call/email, it shows the importance of showing up on time. 

4. MANAGEMENT Appointment Confirmation Call - Managers, you are the BEST person with the position and influence you have to make this call. If your team sets 10 appointments today, it will cost you 10 minutes. I'm sure a THIRTY PERCENT increase in show rates is worth it.  How much additional gross profit would there be at a 50% close?  Out of 100 incoming calls, managers making confirmation calls on appointments set would equal $30,000 (THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLARS IN GROSS PROFIT) at an average $2K per copy.  That's a $1,000 gross profit per the 1-minute call!  Be sure to mention the appointment time and date three times as well!

5. CALENDAR INVITES - Send a calendar invite to your prospect and you should see another 5-7% bump in shows and increase in on-time rates.

6. 24-Hour & Day of Appointment Reminders - A text message would be perfect for this.  Have them reply to confirm the appointment.

Feel free to share your thoughts below.

Chris K Leslie

Do you spiff on shown appts? If it’s worth X to the store how much should the person doing the job get?

Mathew Thomas

Spiffing gets the blood pumping for the call agents.  I've seen it work well.  I would recommend spiffs on confirmed appointments that show.  I would never spiff on appointments only, especially if they are not confirmed and don't show up.  I've seen spiffs anywhere from $5-$25 depending on budget, time of the month, and how far the dealer is from attaining their objectives.  There are several variables to consider.  How much to spiff is totally up to the dealer, but it must be fair.  You are sure to lose agents that won't get their fair share and it's not worth the few dollars to have the headache of finding new quality agents.  

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