pay plans

Mark Rask

I am looking for some new ideas on bdc pay plans....please share 

Amanda Gordon

As Independents we don't have a "BDC" per say, wish I could help out here. 

Mark @ Autobahn Academy

@Mark, meeting with lots of dealer groups, I have witnessed a few good ways to comp the agents:

1) Pay per SHOW

2) Pay bonus on SHOW %

3) Pay bonus on Sales (BDC agents paid on sale are more likely to dig up old leads, follow-up a lot longer and be more creative, this is a fact)

A lot of you won't like my answer, because this means BDC Agents can earn a solid wage, but you get what you pay for in life. So pay 30k, don't expect wonders.

We have set up a BDC where the Agent (now Manager) is earning 100K/year. The plan is 70% comp. He is running 450-550 new leads (all sources, new/used) monthly + backlog & has maintained a 22% show rate over the last 30 months and grew the team from him to 3. No service, yet.

The BDC efforts are averaging 44 sales per month since 2015...

Miki C

We are currently paying on Solds, which isn't ideal. but it's hard to track shows, the sales staff consistently doesn't log Ups. 

Chris K Leslie

I ask a lot of our BDC folks. Limiting pay plans to individual sources or individual efforts is unfair in my opinion because they should be a team and have no problem helping each other out. It’s also important to me that our BDC team are all rewarded when we are doing good. 

The way I’ve broken down commission is that there is a bonus for shown appts, internet sold and other sold. I do not limit it by source or who touched it first or whatever. That crap is annoying to manage and report on.

The payout is thrown into a poool and each person gets a percentage of the pool. 

Here is the breakdown. 


$10 shown appt

$50 Internet sold

$20 non Internet sold





Mark @ Autobahn Academy

@ Chris I like this breakdown

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