Managers Confirm Appointments?

Derrick Woolfson

Do you have your sales managers confirm appointments? If so, have you seen an increase in show rate?

Chris K Leslie

I am at the point now where I dont care who calls to confirm I just want it done. =) 

If Dealersocket had a way that I could automate a text confirmation I would do that too. 

Derrick Woolfson

@Chris, that would be awesome! Agreed. In a perfect world, it is always great for the manager to call. Build the rapport with the customer prior to their arrival. 

Chad DeSelms

I am with Chris.  I think the right set up is for the managers to confirm.  Reality is the BDC will do it consistently and they won't.  

Is there any better way to check the appointments in Dealersocket without having to go in and check?  Right now we have a  power point that shows every two hours as a reminder to check for new appointments in case a salesperson adds one.  This is so clumsy.


Derrick Woolfson

@Chad, that does not seem convenient at all. I am using XRM right now. They do not even show appointments in the desklog or lead itself. The appointment is actually apart of the initial lead. It is the oddest thing I have *ever* seen! I wish you luck, though! 

Chad DeSelms

Thanks Derrick.  It is crazy the quirks we have to manage through.


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