How to respond to internet car leads

Walter Bilson

How to respond to internet car I doing it wrong? I've been sending follow-up emails but am always wondering if I can do more. Thoughts? 

Derrick Woolfson

It all depends. And when I say that, for me, it is about the source of the lead. Wherein, OEM leads could be 2-3 months buying cycle vs. the dealer website lead on a pre-owned vehicle that has a shelf life of 72hrs or so. That being said, we do send customers a sales blast once monthly for those who have inquired in the last 90 days. And as for manual emails, we will send 3 options for both new/pre-owned, and usually get a 35-40% open rate. (90-days), and might sell a couple of units from it. 

Mark Rask


Nick Kaptain

We have developed a product that focuses on first quality lead response. It is called Quotible ( If you are interested in a demo, we would love to show you how we can drive up contact rates and open rates compared to your CRM. We send out mobile responsive auto quotes that allow customers to calculate payments, trade, etc. 

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