GAFF Appointment?

Derrick Woolfson

What is a gaff appointment to you? In recent weeks, a GAFF appointment is considered to be a customer who shows for an appointment. But does not purchase because of the monthly payment, credit issues, etc. Where the sales manager offers that we should not bring them in unless a deal is done on the phone - do you have this issue in your store? 

Tori Zinger

I've actually never heard of a GAFF appointment? What does that stand for?

Derrick Woolfson

Gaff was a created term for "fake." It is usually used when the customer shows for their appointment but does not purchase due to credit issues, etc. The other context is if the customer does not show. 

Brendan Dolan

While I never wanted my BDC to book fake appointments to fluff numbers, I take issue with your sales manager not wanting customers in the store unless they've worked a deal out over the phone if there are some issues to work through.

A car deal is a puzzle, and it's a puzzle that some customers will help you solve, or keep you from solving depending on their level of desire. If they've driven the car, and want it, they're a lot more willing to help.

If I heard of a sales manager at my store that wanted to do everything in advance, I'd retrain him or her, and then terminate him or her if they kept it up. Having the person fired up about buying the car is the most important part; you can spin your wheels getting a deal done, but if the customer isn't sold on the car, they might not do what it takes on their end to get everything wrapped up.

That all being said, a GAFF appointment in my BDC was a customer who said "Yeah, maybe I'll drop by this weekend" and then the BDC put something in the CRM in case the super loose commitment appointment showed up.

Chris K Leslie

I had never heard of a GAFF appt either. 

Tori Zinger

I have to say, I'm with Brendan there.

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