FaceBook Messanger

Derrick Woolfson

How many of you are using the FaceBook Messanger? For those of you who are using it have you had any success with it?

Derrick Woolfson

@Patrick, wow that is *AWESOME*!! 

Patrick Halleen

we have a BDC that engages with them, as well as all of our incoming phone calls. A sales person will get involved if the BDC cannot answer the questions being asked. For reference we have 6 BDC agents + a BDC manager for 2 stores. 

Derrick Woolfson

@Patrick, that's awesome! The reason I asked that is because we found that when the sales consultants got first dibs on the leads/calls/messages that our response time was more than forty-five minutes, and the quality of response was not on par. As for us, we allow them to answer leads after hours, but even then the struggle is that they mostly only want to send auto emails that do not answer the customer's questions or ask for the appointment. It just depends on the sales consultant. 

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