Confirm Appointments using CRM Texting

Derrick Woolfson

Who confirms appointments in your store? If so, do you use texting within the CRM? 

Brendan Dolan

Our service BDC confirmed appointments. Depending on the year, we had numerous processes. We'd call, use an outside vendor like DemandForce to text confirmations, then we used VinSolutions texting with a rule, and I hear my old group is now trying it with Xtime. 

Best bet is to have it come from a software solution that the service BDC is in. If they're in Xtime all day, do it out of Xtime. If they're in VinSolutions all day, do it out of Vin. The more login's you have to manage the more things slip through the cracks and don't end up getting utilized. 

Roberto Chavez

Would you guys do text over calling for appointment confirmation, and a day before or the day of?

Tori Zinger

I personally like to do both. People tend to be more responsive over text, but if they do answer the phone, it's nice to confirm verbally because I think it makes them less likely to forget they have an appointment.

Chris K Leslie

We use Socket Talk from Dealersocket. But yes totally confirm via text. 

Derrick Woolfson

@Roberto - we call first and if we are unable to connect via phone we will text them. We have seen more results, though from texting the customer. I agree with @Tori! it is nice to get them on the phone and have a quick conversation with them. 

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