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Richard West

We may be acquiring a different franchise dealership. Would you recommend setting up a separate BDC or centralizing into our current BDC?  Pro's and cons of each?

Really appreciate your feedback.

Deb Cogossi

Great question! I've worked with, and managed, BDCs for years and seen it done both ways successfully. The good thing about centralized is that with everyone cross trained on all brands you have all stores covered on the days people are out sick or can't make it to work on snow days. I'm available to strategize with you if you'd like. 

R. J. James

In 2016, we merged separate Honda and Nissan BDC Teams; plus their combined Used Vehicle location.  Fortunately, the three dealerships were adjacent to each other.  The business results were:  Improved Response Time; Reduced Lead Cost; Increased Appointments (Set, Show, Sold); Reduced Overtime; and Improved Gross on BDC deals.

On the people side, we were able to schedule staff better and improved their work/life balance (i.e., Agents were scheduled off at 5:00 pm before their day-off and returned at Noon the day after their day-off; Agents scheduled to work on Sunday worked 8:30 am to 3:00 pm on the proceeding Saturday).

Also, we weeded out Under-Performers and the increased sales and gross profits justified increasing the Centralized BDC Team from six to eight Agents.

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