Autoloop XRM/CRM

Derrick Woolfson

Has anyone else had the pleasure of using Autoloop XRM? If so, I cannot be the only one who is shocked at just how outdated this CRM is!!!  Not to mention the overall clumsy interface. Where certain functions are within their windows app vs. others opening in a browser. Making it very difficult to toggle back and forth. As for adding/updating a customer - there must be 4-5 ways to do it! All opening what looks to be a different interface??? Lastly, the widgets are essentially useless. As you still have to open 3-4 screens to look at the data.  Lastly, the web app version is atrocious on OS. I get that it is a windows based system, BUT this platform needs some *serious* help!  Anyone on here with Autoloop??? Any chance the end user experience will be updated? 

Chris K Leslie

Sounds terrible. Sorry you’re dealing with that. 

Derrick Woolfson

Thanks, man! It is the absolute worst. And there is nothing more frustrating the vendor offers "well, it's a simple CRM." or "No, sorry you cannot resource leads or merge/reconcile CRM/DMS sold customers. It's a CRM" Like what??? (SMH!).


Yep; sounds terrible. Here's hoping you're not stuck in a contract.

Derrick Woolfson

I am shocked, though to see the glowing reviews??? Then again most of the reviews came from GM's/Owners who most likely do not use the CRM on a daily basis??? And I bet if you asked them when then last time they pulled a report was (or asked for a specific report) they couldn't tell you! 


Aaaaaand you just nailed my biggest problem with reviews. Ignoring reviews entirely is dumb, but following them blindly is just as dumb.

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