Virtual BDC

Brad Wise

Anyone using a virtual "off site" BDC to handle sales and or service leads? In particular eleads?



Sounds too good to be true

Without the cost of an outside training companies ( monthly ) , personnell , space , headaches -it does sound interesting

No vendor responses please


Mark @ Autobahn Academy

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Off-site BDC or Virtual BDC services are not meant for all dealerships. There are some of the pros and cons you should carefully consider:

  • Pros:  
  1. Can be a lot cheaper for dealers vs. regular BDC
    Performance Consistency
    24/7 availability
    No HR headaches (turnover, training,...)


  1. Reduced control over leads
    Limited communication between the VBDC & Sales Team

If you need more information, we have a post where we explore if a VBDC is worth is or not for dealerships.

Mark @ Autobahn Academy

We can all agree that virtual BDC services should not exist and be fulfilled internally. In this perfect world, finding qualified staff that's accepting fair pay is easy. 

The reality is that performance will fluctuate, holidays will happen, shifts are to be covered and so on. This is precisely why 

Let's say you're a dealership that has 1 BDC agent on staff that goes on parental leave. Do you want to hire the first average BDC agent that comes along or are you willing to outsource for a few weeks/months while you find the key person?

Outside BDCs become experts at what they do, and most dealerships can't even come close to the performance it can offer. Sure there are downsides, like in anything, but there are solid businesses out there striving on this alone and make dealers headaches free.

Bart Wilson

I would be concerned about the knowledge level of the agents.  When I audited some chats at dealerships, it was very easy to see who was in-store and who outsourced their services.  The outsourced chat was unable to answer simple questions.

I know the goal is appointments, but how does an outsourced BDC make sure customers can get their questions answered?

Chris K Leslie

Thats always been my concern Bart. Being GM stores we have lots of training and product knowledge stuff we have to do. Being able to answer simple questions is huge for our business. 

R. J. James

Amazon and other online Providers are conditioning customers to be more and more transnational in their quest for products and services.  This makes using a third party BDC, especially for Service, a more viable alternative.

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