Hiring More Women in the Industry?

Sherri Riggs

Only a small percentage of the auto industry is made up of women... but that is starting to change.

Some people say hiring more women would be beneficial to the automotive sector... saying things like women are more empathetic, and buyers can relate more to them.

What do you think? Would hiring more women be beneficial?

Drew Bettiol

100% it would be more beneficial. Having a primarily male dominated sales team hurts sales opportunity. This shouldn't be a 'boys club only" kind of thing. I think women would feel more comfortable working with a woman sales associate so I am all for it. Great Idea Sherri!

Amanda Gordon

Sherri you are speaking my language as the industry as a whole is only made up of 20% women, 8% being minority and of the 20% only 9% are in positions of power ESPECIALLY ownership. With women empowerment groups such as Women in Automotive, Automotive News-Leading Women and so forth, this is surely about to change. 

R. J. James

Hire more Women... GOOD!  Retain more of the Women you hire... BETTER!!  Establish a Management Culture that Trains, Coaches, and Develops EVERYONE you hire... PRICELESS!!! 

Dane Saville

Hiring more women helps on a number of fronts, from breaking traditional models of what a "car dealer is" to understanding the buying process since, as you noted, about 85% of decisions like purchasing a car are powered by women. I'm glad to see an evolution in automotive; even at our own company, our male:female ratio has balanced out with two women now in Director/Manager roles, and they're doing great. 

Sherri Riggs

Why do you think it's hard for women to break in? Why is this a "man's" industry??

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