Craigslist Posting Companies

Steve Devereaux
I received a phone call from a company that said they have ways of posting all of your inventory everyday to Craigslist in multiple locations. Has anyone used a company like this? Are they any good?
davey jay
I have used multiple Craigslist posting tools in the past including Cargigi, Smart Pillars, and eAuto Blaster. The best tool that I have ever used is They will post your ENTIRE inventory DAILY. They are about the same price as the ones who only post 1/7th of your inventory on a daily basis, but just as effective as the "blaster" campaigns that are $1000's of dollars monthly. It's the best money you can spend on a craigslist company, period. The website is Dave J
Jayden Smith
We have tried the Cargigi, Smart Pilar, and blue sky, but recently we used and they post all of our inventory daily and in multiple markets for no extra charge! They even make special finance related pages that pull the customers to fill out my credit application. We actually saved about $400 per month when we switched to them and got more posting and more leads! is the all around best.
James Reagan
Carrcuda will get your inventory up 2-3 times a day guaranteed. They Also have this Boomerang Text to Trade that brings in trades from provate sellerss. Unbelievable phone rings off the hook. Call Rene Morelan 888-314-2770 We dropped Cargigi because they were ineffective. My buddy at Galpin Motos recommended these guys saying they push sales way up moving an extra 30 units the 2nd month on at the Ford and Honda Locations.
Steve Duff
Can anyone tell me if ecarpost posts with text/html or with image file? I saw on another post put up on the forums today that showed screen shot from CL stating that they are going to soon stop allowing outside hosted images. Maybe that's why I couldn't get anyone on the phone at ecarpost? Big strategy meeting perhaps?
Jayden Smith
Hi, I actually know for a fact that can do both Html and image based ads because they switched them for us before with a flip of the switch! I also have had a few people tell me they had problems with other Craigslist ads/companies lately. Actually I heard that Vin Solutions and a few other companies are having issues and are not posting on CL anymore. As for Ecarpost, I checked with a buddy using ecarpost and he just got a report today showing they have 100 live ads up today! I called the my rep over there on her cell and she said they have figured out a FIX for this CL bug and it's flowing pretty good now...They also leave at 4pm and sometimes they are on the phone. Ecarpost is actually teaming up with AOL autos and Yahoo autos after the April 1st and they put all dealers cars on there for no extra charge! They are way better than the rest. Good luck!

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