Tori Zinger

How do you implement collaboration in your dealership, both within teams and interdepartmentally?

Brendan Dolan

We just brought all department heads into a meeting once a week for a gripe fest that I mediated. They were pretty hot at first, and after a month the rival high school attitudes between departments stopped, and everyone mellowed out. 

Being able to chat about issues when you're not in the heat of the moment was the best way to show pain points across the departments. 

That meeting was only about issues; we didn't discuss objectives, pacing, etc. 

Tori Zinger

I like it! I'm a strong believer that gripe sessions are just as important as productive meetings. I think you've got to vent your frustrations in an honest way before you can really get productive about the solving the issue at hand. Otherwise, there's frustration and anger bottled up that eventually just spills over in a way that's not good for anyone and certainly doesn't foster collaboration and cohesion.

Educate everyone about their importance in the process and what the end goal is and what's to be expected. Culture is important!

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