Are your salespeople using LinkedIn?

Do you walk by the salesperson who is on their computer or smartphone and assume they are wasting time? The top sales reps are killing it on social media. With the changes to Facebook pages, personal Facebook pages are key to online engagement, and LinkedIn is an excellent place for salespeople in the car business to network and to become a resource to the professionals on that platform within their community. It can become an excellent source of leads and referrals overtime, but salespeople have to commit time to it. 

Are your salespeople using LinkedIn? Establishing a solid online brand is a key to success for modern salespeople selling cars, are you encouraging this? 

Check out this Blog from Hubspot

Vidushi Jain

Thank you Scott for sharing hubspot blog. LinkedIn has been working well for us for B2B sales, would be interested in knowing how it compares with other channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for B2C sales.

Chris K Leslie

I've been using linkedin more and more. All roles at the dealership are sales roles in my opinion. 

Amanda Gordon

I get anxiety just thinking about adding ANOTHER social media platform to the mix but if my comrades in arms are speaking on its lucrative capabilities I am on board. Currently we are successful with FB marketplace and personal pages, youtube video blogs and Instagram. 

I tried using LinkedIn for B2C engagement when I was a BDC Manager, but it didn't work out for me. On the other hand, having stepped out of the dealership and into the consulting role, B2B engagement has worked favorably for me, and I've been able to cultivate fruitful business relationships through LI.

Vidushi Jain

Sunny, this is interesting. Just curious about what engagement modes did you use example: video, blogs, banners, picture ads etc for engagement. And across the board, which modes worked better for you vs others.



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