Create and Send Postcards in MailChimp

Chris K Leslie

Now you can send personalized printed postcards to your audience around the world. (Think of it as email for mailboxes.)

ive started running a new service campaign using postcards, email and Facebook audience that I’ll be writing about next month.




Mark Rask

Looks like you need to start a mail business......Actually i bet this will work well for service 

Sherri Riggs

I like the idea of sending mail in stead of emails! I always love receiving letters in the mail. I'm excited to read about how this is working for you Chris!

Drew Bettiol

Chris, is there a way you can use MC for free? 

Chris K Leslie

You totally can. There is a free plan that lets you have alist of 2K people. I tend to upload and delete lists so I stay below the threshold of having to pay. For the postcard thing there is price though. 

Drew Bettiol

Do you import them through your CRM? and what is your process when customers are interested in your offer? I myself have never sold a car so I would not know what to do when a customer inquires about a specific campaign.

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