Who's Your Go-To?

Amanda Gordon

Outside of the manufacturer how many go-to lenders do you use?

Derrick Woolfson

We used like 15 or so. But 85% of the deals are with a few lenders. With the other 15% or - depending on their circumstances - are with the rest of the lenders who can work a deal out. 

Chris K.

The bulk of our funding is through a handful of lenders. 75% of new cars lease, so Nissan gets all those. 

Suggestion to lending reps: Visit the stores more often, offer to help more. Don't expect us to send you any paper if you never call us and BEG FOR OUR BUSINESS. We have plenty of aggressive lenders and lender reps, they all are eating really well.

Mark Rask

We have 10-12

Amanda Gordon

Thanks for the info and @Chris you are so right. It's agitating receiving an onslaught of lenders at the end of the month asking for deals. 

Great point, Chris. Lenders need to be making themselves a resource to your dealership and the F&I reps. Bring value and earn the business. LOTS of choices out there for the small percentage of deals that aren't leased!! 

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