How to become a finance manager at a car dealership

Walter Bilson

How to become a finance manager at a car it an easy task? What's the best path to take? 

Mark Rask

Start at the bottom and work up

Walter Bilson

Mark, have you had a specific experience you'd like to share? 

I think having experience selling cars first makes for a better F&I manager!

Bart Wilson

I agree with Scott.  Having a solid foundation in car sales makes for an easier transition and a better Finance Manager.  However, I've also found that just because you can sell cars (tangible objects) you aren't going to kill it in finance (intangible objects).  It's a different selling proposition and an entirely different process.  

Get good at selling vehicles and learn all you can about F&I.  When I was in a dealership, I asked if I could be a backup finance person when we got busy on Saturdays or when we were shorthanded.  It was a great way to find out if the Finance Manager position would be a good fit for me.

Christine Tyrrell

@Walter, who is your F&I Provider?  Chances are, they provide all the training and tools needed to get you there.  We provide our dealers personnel training as part of our “value-add.”  You should inquire with your Agent.  

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