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Arien Whitehead

Currently my small used car dealer is cash only and ive recently become interested in offering finance. I am using Dealer Center as my DMS and am registered with Dealer Track and also Route One. Does anyone have any insight into offering finance for the sub $10,000 vehicle market? Will this really expand my horizons or just bring more headache?

We have a lot of generous talent that visits this website regularly, I am sure someone will give you solid feedback soon! Good luck to you! 

Pierre Legault

Arien, the right question should be: Do I want to make more money? Or am I happy with what i make now? Once you have answered this question, you will know what to do. Of course financing will bring more headaches, but it will also bring in more money for many reasons: reserve, additional F&I products, more customers who could be financed as a 2nd or 3rd chance credit that could not afford paying cash. Instead of looking at this like headaches, look at it like it is the next step to greatness. That requires efforts... and headaches. This is all about what do YOU want...

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