Month End HELP!

Colleen Brown

Being new to my position with MINIMAL training I am struggling through my first month end. We use AutoMate. We have a Standard Entry book that we use and most of the entries are very straight forward. I came across 2 standard entries that have me perplexed. Both of them state “Make the entry in 0074 in the ‘back screen’.” Do you have any idea what they are referring to? All of the other standard entries are made through the accounting menu so the reference to 0074 makes no sense to me at all. Hoping you can help clear it up for a newbie. Thanks!

Minimal training, I can't imagine! Did you figure it out?

Colleen Brown

I figured it out. It turns out 2 controllers ago (when the month end books were created) the dealership used Reynolds rather than AutoMate. This is a referring to the Reynolds system and does not apply to the current month end process. I'm happy to say I was able to finish month end successfully.

Well congrats on that, Colleen!

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