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How to be Successful in Community Marketing: 6 Useful Tips

Marketing in online communities is one of the best ways to earn more loyalty to your brand. Before getting started, it’s crucial to head into community networking the proper way. By acting too aggressive you'll risk giving a bad impression to users. If you fail to post relevant and interesting content, users will find somewhere else to go for information.

What is Community Marketing?

Community marketing involves developing a strategy to form an engaging brand identity for interacting with a network of existing consumers. This kind of marketing happens on places like Facebook groups, enthusiast groups, Twitter accounts and message boards.


Such communities allow members to put their needs out there and afford companies with the opportunity to reply and give them the feeling that they are important (because they are). When other marketing areas like advertising and public relations are usually focusing on acquiring new customers, community marketing takes a step back to form a relationship with current customers.


Finding a new customer costs six to seven times more than maintaining an existing one according to Frederick Reichheld of Bain & Company. Through tending to the needs of current customers first, companies can stop spending more money on advertising to appeal to new consumers.


Within enterprise imaging, we’ve discovered effective methods for engaging with communities and users. We're hoping to help you begin with this community marketing approach in order to draw in more users who will come back for more.

Don’t Pitch, Engage

People like to take part in online communities for sharing information, networking, researching and learning. Most users are loyal to a certain community because they’re interested in certain topics. Nobody is looking start getting pitched when they’re on their preferred communities, so stop with the selling and start actually participating in existing conversations.

Offer Value Like an Expert


Any good internet content marketing approach involved publishing educational articles on similar online niches. Giving tips and how-to guides will not just emphasize your company’s specialties, but it can also help target audience members hear your message in a familiar environment. Write educational publications that are helpful and informative instead of filling them up to the brim with marketing jargon.

Be Available

Engaging with online communities is something that has to include having the ability to reach your customers on a social platform. Pay attention to the needs of the customer by interacting with authenticity. Speak with them like you're not a marketing bot by offering helpful solutions.

Make Ambassadors From Influencers

One of the most powerful tools for marketing you can come is word of mouth. Find out who the respected, positive influencers are inside your nice and try to establish a collaborative relationship with them. Make them feel as if you're all on the same team.


This will organically create new brand ambassadors simply through the process of this kind of interaction.

Apply Community Advertising in Innovative Ways

Find out where the advertising opportunities are that allow for the cross-promotion of informative and thought leadership content. This kind of placement is more about the content. It's not about getting more sales.


You’ll notice a lot more engagement with educational content that gets viewers to stay on-site as opposed to the conventional sales pitches that make users run.

Stay on Top of Things

By participating and publishing on a regular basis you'll not only gain recognition among the community, but learning how to target your own audience will be second nature to you. Receiving feedback from existing and potential customers as often as you can is priceless, so pay attention, engage and evolve.


Mark Rask

This is all really good advice

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