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5 Step Process to Regain Motivation

It's not a lot of fun being in a rut.  And it's difficult to know how to get out of it while you're knee deep and gradually sinking.  Your mind isn't clear or sharp, you're focused more on negative thoughts than positive ones, etc.  


In an effort to help you the next time you find yourself in this situation, here is my 5 Step Process for regaining motivation and getting you back on track;


#1. Break down your monthly sales goals – How many units are you going to sell this month?  How many days are you going to work? How many vehicles do you need to sell per day? What’s your process for selling a car? What action steps do you need to take to make that happen?


#2. Share this info with your business partner or spouse – By sharing your goals with someone you respect or love will automatically make you want to stay committed to the goal.  Ask them to hold you accountable.  Have them ask you 3 times per week how you’re making out with your goals and show your progress to them


#3. Set daily affirmations in your phone – Put sayings like this in your phone and have each of them go off once per day randomly: “How am I going to make the most of today?” , “Giving. Loving. Grateful” , “BRING YOUR A GAME!”


#4. Review your why – Why are you in sales? Answer this question if you haven’t already and write it down on a sticky note, leave it in your desk, or put it into the Evernote app on your phone as a reference for when you’re feeling in a rut.  This reminder will bring back the positive feeling of why you’re in sales and will give you an added boost when needed


#5. Dig into your Jar of Awesomeness – Write down your awesome characteristics and things you have done in your life to this point.  It doesn’t have to be automotive related.  Maybe you won an award in high school, or for sales, or maybe you always hold the door open for someone.  It can be the smallest thing.  When someone compliments you for something you did or the person that you are, write that down, put it in a Kleenex box or again, in your Evernote, and review your Jar of Awesomeness to help put yourself back into a peak state of mind.

Amanda Gordon

As always good stuff Brandin. Your positive energy is absolutely infectious. 

Love this, SHARED! 

Mark  Nicholson

Plan your day. Can't stress this enough. 
Literally allocate blocks of time to schedule appointments to take care of things. 
Make calls, book appointments, followups, social media, visiting appointment, whatever it might be, planning your day will make a difference to your productivity, and results.

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