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Jared Hamilton
From: Jared Hamilton
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John White
Copy Wall Street to Diversify Your Marketing

John White  "Put money into advertising" - this is a very good tip! 

Chuck Knerr
Top 6 Local Advertising Strategies You Need to Try

Chuck Knerr  David-- Numbers 1 and 4 are very powerful. There is SO much in OEM mandated web sites that is unnecessary to the shopper but has to be there for compliance. Sadly, this discourages users who too often bounce.  Local reviews are important, videos are paramount. People will buy from who they know, like and trust. When your customers Say-So, shoppers listen! In Dallas Fort Worth, we service dealerships who don't just make sales, they make customers who create more customers. We make video landing pages under a sub-domain of the dealer's website to improve the user experience and create a video library of customer content to support their digital campaigns.

Derrick Woolfson
Rock’s Rants: Customers Not Signing ROs

Derrick Woolfson  Great article! That is especially alarming considering the fact that fixed-ops carries the dealership. I would make it where if they failed to collect the signature, and I had to eat the cost it would come out of their pay. Sounds harsh, but it would sure fix that issue real quick. Let me ask you this though, what about if the advisor were to call the customer asking them whether or not to move forward? how are dealers handling that issue?

Tracie Costabile
How to Spot If Your Agency Partner Isn’t Being Transparent

Tracie Costabile  This x 1000!  I see it literally every day.  If properly set up, Google Analytics can be your best tool to gain full transparency on all of your vendors in one place, where they can all be judged by the same metrics.  Although certainly not perfect, it is currently the best, most impartial source of raw data. Thanks for the shout out, Kelly.  Feel free to reach out to me directly if you'd like to know more about what we offer.

Dane Saville
How to Spot If Your Agency Partner Isn’t Being Transparent

Dane Saville  We often have new partners come on board who have previously never been given access to their GA or Ads account. These are all things we've heard from partners that they've experienced. Great points on assessment, as well as using your CRM and DMS. Yes! We know what you mean by seeing Ads spend in markets that don't really convert into leads and sales. Reducing unnecessary advertising spend is vital -- it's crazy to think that the average advertising cost per car sold is still around $620 or mass-market cars even as there's been the huge shift in the past few years into digital, where the main point is that it's more cost-effective than traditional media buying and advertising methods. 

Chris Dulla
How to Spot If Your Agency Partner Isn’t Being Transparent

Chris Dulla  Dane, great comments about holding your ad agencies accountable for the digital tactics they are putting in play for your dealership.  Having run dealerships for 15 years I have seen first hand what you are referring to.  The best way to hold them accountable is to have a platform that can put google analytics against your CRM and DMS databases in order to see exactly how that traffic measures up.  We see it everyday where our clients are spending adwords dollars in markets that don't convert into leads and sales.  With the appropriate insights, we are able to help our clients reduce unnecessary advertising expense thru connecting all the dots.

Daryl Sanders
This Year's Great Distraction - Marketing Attribution

Daryl Sanders  One of the great articles on better understanding some of the dynamics of the car buying shopper's journey..  To take it a step further, I think the traditional "sales funnel" has lost much of its significance.  There is no predictable line to the sale.  The car business has misunderstood the real significance of the digital age.   Thinking that car sales is based on a logical series of cause and effect. misses the real impact of the Dealer's power during the sale. The business has always been bathed in emotion.  My suggestion to Dealers is, "We can no longer just spend money and drive shoppers to the Dealership.  We must learn how to 'go get 'em.'  When we catch up with them we must provide an unforgettable personal experience that will capture their interest and willingness to buy a vehicle that 'feels right' to them."

Bart Wilson
Rock’s Rants: Customers Not Signing ROs

Bart Wilson  This is a great reminder on how the little things can result in big issues.

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